commit e5bbeddf51156edaa7d23f7cf56f4c7f9411253f
Author: Julien Humbert <>
Date:   Mon Feb 19 15:45:33 2018 +0900

    Fix and compress the two corrupted png files

commit 1cbf86dd77594d25690ebae4ccebc122a75668ff
Author: Julien Humbert <>
Date:   Mon Feb 19 15:25:48 2018 +0900

    Compress png files with Efficient Compression Tool

commit 807235970aeb2e2cc4dd176061299be0bacdf1b8
Author: Bruno Michel <>
Date:   Wed Jan 24 20:16:22 2018 +0100

    Fix display of equations on blink

commit df20fac1824cfdba6a2fc01b7054c9ac8e485191
Author: Bruno Michel <>
Date:   Wed Jan 24 09:44:01 2018 +0100

    Fix for anonymous

commit 073fc3ebf6f4dec51f2a188ef4a848e5613fa3c4
Author: Bruno Michel <>
Date:   Tue Jan 23 20:27:41 2018 +0100

    Fix the redaction page

commit 8dcf155ee2b1a775b4f94412f8f850229f0f379e
Author: Obsidian <>
Date:   Mon Jan 22 18:39:29 2018 +0100

    CSS Steelblue
    . "Steelblue" as a *.scss file (mostly a regular CSS file, though, but not
      totally) ;
    . "steelblue.png", the corresponding thumbnail on the CSS selection page.

commit cc3ad1eb0e9f0a05f8d64c61687d68e0f7fee237
Author: Obsidian <>
Date:   Mon Jan 22 15:07:11 2018 +0100

    Geekscottes_005 : "l'avais écris" -> "l'avais écrit"

commit 6e9e2e68e5ee4ef837b18b547c68bbbc0ee69971
Author: Obsidian <>
Date:   Mon Jan 22 14:47:21 2018 +0100

    Conditional class "threads" on UL depending on its parent
    Add a class "thread" to a comment's UL inside the _preview.haml
    file to be automaticaly rendered by the "render" statement depending
    on its context.
    We want to set it when the rendered comment is either a new comment
    or an existing one being edited, thus in both cases being a top of
    an thread excerpt. However, when the comment is a direct answer to
    another comment, we now render it as an idented extension of the
    first one, just like it would be inside the whole thread in the
    article's page.
    This still causes no regression of the original CSS.

commit beb206a0cccc261a89734f85be35f7593aca9829
Author: Obsidian <>
Date:   Fri Jan 19 14:51:38 2018 +0100

    Adding font "Linux Libertine O"
    . Addition of a specific version of Linux Libertine (Licenced as CC0)

commit a59f0b70ddd04caba7287b02a0edb984743c366d
Author: Obsidian <>
Date:   Thu Dec 28 09:45:09 2017 +0100

    Adding "moderation_page" class to related pages's <body>
    This patch adds a class named "moderation_page" among the
    existing ones to the <body> tag of pages which controller
    path begins with "moderation", making them easier to spot
    by CSSes.
    It's not only convenient (it would widely simplify the CSS
    code) but it's also necessary on pages such as #news-index
    and #polls-index, which can't be discriminated from the
    outside to know if they're the common user pages or the
    moderation ones.
    As regards #news-index in particular, the two pages are
    totally different. The moderation page contains everything
    but article boxes, and also offers special services such as
    a chat board. The rest is formed of plain text and html
    links that thus should be displayed on a light-background
    page, not a dark one.

commit 3fbf2bd2538168ac226974b5ced531a82a095e05
Author: Obsidian <>
Date:   Thu Dec 28 09:32:22 2017 +0100

    Missing %main#contents on moderation pages
    Adding required tag on moderation pages

commit 6f00a861b476e9b13c91ab5a65442cbae89990c9
Author: Obsidian <>
Date:   Sat Dec 23 03:27:14 2017 +0100

    Missing wrapping tags on "users-comments" page.
    Missing "nav.toolbox" and "div#comments" around appropriate
    sections, and class "thread" to ul list on user page when choosing
    "Accès aux derniers : . commentaires".
    Even though it surely looks like a bug, this is not quite visible
    with default CSS but Steelblue definitely needs them. These additions
    cause no regression with standard CSS.
    Please note that the %style block is here to make page selectors reappear:
    They're hidden on purpose by RonRonnement to mask the one at top of the
    page (line 932), and next selector is supposed to spot the last one to
    make it reappear. Unfortunately, it doesn't work on this particular page,
    but nobody ever noticed especially because those malformed tags were
    never matched by the CSS.
    We simply need to correct this in the default CSS (one row to add just after
    the line quoted above) but this will be the point of another further patch
    to come. This particular revision is there to show that everything's still
    working fine without starting to modify the default CSS.

commit 37f0685a65e741683f9833ae5ec0d0babbb0326d
Author: Obsidian <>
Date:   Thu Dec 21 20:56:02 2017 +0100

    Add odd/even parity classes on last table of user statistics
    This last table is very hard to discriminate through CSS selectors,
    because it has no specific classes set on the rows themselves, and
    because each slice don't have a fixed number of rows neither.
    Something much better would have been to wrap each slice inside its
    own tbody block, but breaking the table cell lineage was prone to
    induce regressions on other CSS.
    If needed and appreciated, we'll do that as a specific task when this
    submission is considered stable.

commit 338b8cb90e857198598b24dbe29d1fbf4760b846
Author: Obsidian <>
Date:   Wed Dec 20 16:23:24 2017 +0100

    Replacing inline style "width: 100px" on statistics table cells by a specific class
    These clauses are the second inline styles we want to get rid of (with the
    main logo image stuff treated at first of the pull request).
    They seem to always accompany similar statement where width is declared dynamically
    to implement progress bars. While this particular behavour is justified, fixing
    size of adjacent cells to 100px seems to be here only to prevent them from shrinking.
    Also, there's no cells elsewhere set to another fixed width. Every similar statement
    seems to be here to fit icon images.
    As before, we point these cells out with a specific class instead, which style is
    defined in page header before CSS links. The point of this is to avoid resorting to
    use "!important", while still inducing no regressions in all existing CSS.
    TODO: _head.html.haml could be improved to include this
          statement only in statistics pages.

commit 954ad3febdc35fc8b0630ebaf538eb96327a024e
Author: Obsidian <>
Date:   Mon Dec 18 00:26:46 2017 +0100

    Adding a class ".container" to section#container and section#redaction
    This basically affects almost all the pages of the server, but induces
    no regression, since neither of these tags had classes so far.
    We mainly need this because there's one page that is not contained inside
    a section#container tag: the news redaction page (that is, the most important
    one), but it stills contains the articles that will be published.
    Since there's over 200 differents statements affecting articles and other
    "contained" contents, and considering the facts that each of these statements
    are very often multiplied to match pseudo classes and such, and some of them
    are either exceptions or context-specific stuff (e.g. #phare vs. #main), they
    can't be easily wrapped inside scss brackets { } (which should be avoided
    anyway when there's too much clauses over them. We have the problem elsewhere
    with public pages supposed to have a dark background).
    Another "bad" solution would consist of duplicating all of them in another
    specific section decicated to #redaction. We don't want that neither.
    The best solution remains the addition of a specific class that can easily
    apply to any other "oddity" such as this one. This hack moreover is a very
    small and simple one, and can be reverted without any difficulty.