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I am completely newbie about FPGA and CPU communication.
I have a CPU and FPGA (Xilinx board) .
I want to make my FPGA and CPU communicating, to send data from the CPU to the FPGA and from FPGA to CPU via Axi bus or PCIexpress…
I tried to make research on internet but I am completely lost and I don’t know from where to start.
Do have any advices? Any documentations ? Any links ?
Thank you,

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    Dear Sophie,

    As you may noticed it, this is a french speaking site.
    Maybe someone here could help you but will probably only do so in french.

    Please also note that cross-posting will definitely not increase the probability of an answer.

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    Hello Sophie,

    If you search information about FPGA and CPU communication with as flair as you find a forum of your own language you may not revolutionize the type.


    Julien_c'est_bien (y'a pas que Seb)

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