Journal des modifications

commit 36353241732244ca873c7fce9b72891a98c882f9
Author: Benoît Sibaud <>
Date:   Mon Sep 18 23:08:49 2023 +0200

    Update help on personal data and restrict access to account activity
    - admin only requires a blurry view of last_seen_on
    - help user to know who see what from account info
    - display last action timestamp is useless (for account owner or admin)
    - display last seen info is useless for the account owner
    - only account owner needs to see last connection timestamp
    - moderation needs to see current and past moderation acts

commit 10d814c907b9dd49dc5abc7f71c4106422654635
Author: Benoît Sibaud <>
Date:   Sun Sep 3 11:37:30 2023 +0200

    Animation of logos
    Merci à Ysabeau et bobble bubble, à GIMP, ImageMagick et ffmpeg pour la

commit 4565ec01ae748520a5c6624a25790c7b9902b396
Author: Benoît Sibaud <>
Date:   Sat Sep 2 10:40:55 2023 +0200

    Fix #3027 Dernière visite (affichage et stats) + pages statiques
    Mise à jour des pages d'aide et de mentions légales

commit d787c9fb65eb0c3c2d7e27d29e05a440bdd5c0ab
Author: Benoît Sibaud <>
Date:   Sun Aug 27 11:11:46 2023 +0200

    Detail the 'when/how to contact us' part

commit 8c2e60d215282017c260189e8435151a1fd9aac5
Author: Steve Frécinaux <>
Date:   Wed Jul 26 11:50:01 2023 +0200

    Fix overlay totoz positioning
    Positioning was previously using the jQuery offset() method to compute
    the position. This method returns the absolute position of the element
    relative to the whole document, but the values are then used to set the
    absolute position (top and left CSS properties) of the totoz element.
    These properties apply based on the closest positioned parent, which in
    this case is the <body> element.
    Due to this, when the document is larger than the max-width of the
    <body> element (150ex) the overlay image was being pushed further right
    by half the difference. For instance, if the window is 1600px wide, and
    the body reaches its max width at 1213px in my case, the overlay is
    being displayed (1600-1213)/2 = 193px to the right of the intended
    We fix this issue by using the jQuery position() instead, which
    according to the documentation returns the absolute position of the
    element relative to the offset parent, in this case the <body> element.
    We also explicitly position the totoz below the [:...] anchor.

commit 1b0b775be704a6505a013d3e9b602f9d6b57070d
Author: Benoît Sibaud <>
Date:   Sat Aug 19 15:47:07 2023 +0200

    Image pour une section Programmation (autres)
    Merci à Ysabeau pour l'image.

commit 0b6882a0ff8f3be8c5cb261f94eeb61d857279ba
Author: Steve Frécinaux <>
Date:   Fri Aug 18 22:37:16 2023 +0200

    docker: Fix creating using docker-compose
    This commit fixes errors related to the recent-ish archival of Debian
    Stretch. Indeed, the container is still based on Debian
    Stretch but this version of the distribution was archived when Bookworm
    was released. This implies a change in the APT sources but neither the
    debian:stretch-slim nor this repository were updated accordingly.
    The errors fixed are:
     - we replace the `` domain with ``,
       where the archived repositories are located;
     - we downgrade `zlib1g` forcefully because the version which is already
       installed in the upstream container is newer than the one we can find
       in the archived repositories, and it caused a dependency issue when
       trying to install the `zlib1g-dev` package.

commit 8a0a71597a41b0a5e02f2f88f071a7ccb89b285d
Author: Benoît Sibaud <>
Date:   Sat Jun 3 12:51:51 2023 +0200

    Remove broken friendsite links from footer

commit bb979973a5cf319e84d6964455688d54df2bb6ae
Author: Benoît Sibaud <>
Date:   Thu Jun 1 21:24:12 2023 +0200

    Fix for new accounts with last_seen_on NULL

commit 6174dfc166dda7f4c18fdf0a28185208d8486a41
Author: Benoît Sibaud <>
Date:   Wed May 31 20:47:57 2023 +0200

    New logo linuxfr-zemarmot-pride1 #2067 by Krunch

commit 57065f77d81377458d8d486894ede6d4693d286f
Author: Benoît Sibaud <>
Date:   Mon May 29 18:09:32 2023 +0200

    pngcrush 3 section images

commit cebe4e130414e44c715b31784c61cef418036020
Author: Benoît Sibaud <>
Date:   Mon May 29 17:26:14 2023 +0200

    Be able to un-plonk and un-block an account
    Includes current state on account and last accounts pages.
    Includes database log, board log and notification

commit e71a744384b005213b96155bfaf15b7cd0e61435
Author: Adrien Dorsaz <>
Date:   Sat May 6 13:54:54 2023 +0200

    display account.last_seen_on for admin and moderators
    A column has been added with last_seen_on on admin's page "latest
    On each user profile, administrators and moderators can view this new
    piece of information. User can view it also for itself (that's less
    interesting for it, because it should be always "today").

commit f7a321270d6dc7a63aa07409ec20f5489255b92d
Author: Adrien Dorsaz <>
Date:   Sun Apr 16 15:22:38 2023 +0200

    store date when account is last seen
    This date will be used to drop personal user data if the account is
    inactive for a certain period.
    The automatic personal user data clean up has been announced here:
    This commit only add a column on Account and do not add scheduled jobs
    to apply deletion.
    To avoid to update database too often and to avoid to keep too accurate
    user personal information, only the date will be saved on database.
    Suivi request to add this information into database:

commit 003877e90ef55b73d13501952593fd6752d14b34
Author: Benoît Sibaud <>
Date:   Sat Mar 18 21:10:37 2023 +0100

    Fix #2057 Affichage de la langue du lien en prévisualisation
    - missing class to display flag on bookmarks during preview
    - missing flags in some contrib CSS
    - reorder langs in Redis to default to 'xx' (then 'fr', then sorted)