commit 47416af88e930176bd953abdcebe75f9c29ae3e1
Author: Bruno Michel <>
Date:   Sun Sep 22 16:58:34 2019 +0200

    Fix the daily number of votes
    The daily number of votes is computed every day, via a crontab. It
    updates the accounts, and the account model needs to be valid for the
    change to be applied. But, there was a validator on the length of
    uploaded_stylesheet, and when a user has uploaded a stylesheet, the
    uplodaded_stylesheet field was a mounter uploaded instance, not a
    string, and its length was larger than the allower 255 characters. As
    the uploaded_stylesheet in database is generated by the uploader (code
    on the server), and not controlled from client side, we can safely
    remove the validation on the length, and it should fix the issue.

commit 12539b1d6f038c909b229a21ffc18d60b7fa2be8
Author: Benoît Sibaud <>
Date:   Sun Sep 8 16:47:03 2019 +0200

    Doc about redis schema

commit 4cbaf8e485c99cee32c1ceb74d6e315967e6a41a
Author: Adrien Dorsaz <>
Date:   Wed Sep 4 21:09:55 2019 +0200

    redaction layout: force middle column to not grow bigger than 55% of the page
    That permits to keep always 3 columns on the same line.

commit 3fa0f2b9ff3eb194023709da068406f6eec67033
Author: raphj <>
Date:   Wed Sep 4 13:42:32 2019 +0000

    Make the .links list in bookmarks less gridy
    This list only ever contains one link in bookmark. Let's make it not a grid to save vertical space and avoid useless restriction on the link's width.

commit 69f2d29bcff2f2b4af95cc087f70766358c39e4d
Author: Adrien Dorsaz <>
Date:   Tue Sep 3 21:19:09 2019 +0200

    tabs: allow wrap tabs for small screens and show cursor as pointer on tabs

commit 9bccfd67636db7a63c0e063a77e9b028c77b0d01
Author: Adrien Dorsaz <>
Date:   Tue Sep 3 21:17:20 2019 +0200

    redaction layout: fix flex definition to keep 3 columns also on small screens

commit b00fee0f9f6191506d68845beed0ca30953bb018
Author: Adrien Dorsaz <>
Date:   Mon Sep 2 10:51:02 2019 +0200

    moderation: avoid to show Dépêche urgente twice (already in toolpanel)

commit 932a535f584cd238d869f85277867d115a0160cf
Author: Adrien Dorsaz <>
Date:   Mon Sep 2 10:47:06 2019 +0200

    edition: link form should not enlarge the #edition flex box

commit 7533f1cae66cd958fea6b33b0560c429478a807a
Author: Adrien Dorsaz <>
Date:   Sun Sep 1 22:13:35 2019 +0200

    redaction topbar: if avatar img is not found, display user name
    (before, a big gray square appeared, because the topbar is inside
    #edition section as images in the article)

commit 490625b4866bc908c412fd30754c68162c758a47
Author: Adrien Dorsaz <>
Date:   Sun Sep 1 16:16:40 2019 +0200

    redaction: revision list is for the moment a simple list for the moment

commit f2224fbc44e2ee665c74133da2f6f85afe6423c1
Author: Adrien Dorsaz <>
Date:   Sun Sep 1 16:03:19 2019 +0200

    add tab system and use it for the news toolbar

commit aa8a85406c98576c39f37cd05cdb7778796c27bb
Author: Adrien Dorsaz <>
Date:   Sat Aug 31 23:43:17 2019 +0200

    chat_n_edit is a larger layout and is splitted on 3 parts
    1. left-part is the "metadata" part with summary and links (will come
    2. middle-part is the "edition" part where the users work
    3. right-part is the "toolpanel" with chat, revision history and some details
    In the middle-part, a topbar is added with back button, last revision
    summary and attendee list.
    For the last revision summary, we've added to the Push message the
    formatted date of revision creation. That's used for toolpanel and
    revision history.
    Note, that chat_n_edit layout will be completly broken for contrib CSS
    as it has now 3 columns and new ids.

commit 98136e052814fef5b613e907b0f19de92ab6ca2e
Author: Adrien Dorsaz <>
Date:   Mon Aug 26 11:11:36 2019 +0200

    content font size rendering has been a bit reduced with the new font
    This fix it by rendering Lato a bit bigger.

commit 5f3c389cdc6cfb81335f33bbdf6f4eeed00297a6
Author: Bruno Michel <>
Date:   Sun Aug 25 18:51:03 2019 +0200

    Remove homesite when an account is removed by an admin

commit 495fb11b308a9bfb2a2e05ccfc5318dbc9fa24ba
Author: Bruno Michel <>
Date:   Sun Aug 25 18:45:18 2019 +0200

    Remove the urgent flag when a news is moderated