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Je vais poster l'annonce Verbatim, parce que si vous ne parlez pas bien anglais, ce n'est pas la peine. Un peu de background, Voiceworks est une entité de Enreach, ce post est annoncé sous la bannière Voiceworks et attaché aux bureaux de Almere pour la partie recherche de candidats mais en théorie on a des bureaux et des RH dans presque toute l'europe donc un contrat pourrait éventuellement être négocié partout. L'entreprise est très flexible et arrangeante quand les besoins se font sentir et met le bien-être de ses employés en avant (expérience personnelle). Mais si vous voulez mon avis, faites comme moi et venez vivre en Andalousie :)

L'annonce parle beaucoup de leadership, mais il faudra aussi mettre les mains dans le cambouis.

Ah, et je vous invite avant à vous intéressé à l'holacratie, notre forme de management, vu que c'est totalement différent des structures hiérarchiques traditionnelles.

Si vous voulez en discuter en privé vous pouvez me contacter au préalable via :
Tox: BCE0CE5ED5C7C82104701512C8B85C9DFA8A72BE235C95B279589EF7B63A3237401130E0C796


To support our numerous development teams designing, building and deploying the various services that our customers love, we need a solid infrastructure. This infrastructure runs in various data centers in the Netherlands and Germany, and provides various types of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions for our internal teams. From bare metal servers to container platforms. From iSCSI LUNs, to object storage. Even fully managed databases are part of our portfolio. Our tech stack contains Linux (mostly Ubuntu, but also some Debian and CentOS), VMware, Kubernetes, Zabbix, Ceph, Netapp, F5 BigIP, various Atlassian products, Graylog, Grafana, Dell Poweredge servers, Jenkins, Ansible, Puppet any a wide range of other Open-Source Software. We maintain about 700 bare metal servers and around 500 VMs.

You will be working in an international team, currently based in the Netherlands (Almere), Spain (Malaga) and Romania (Cluj Napoca). You do a lot of team work online, but you also shouldn’t mind to occasionally travel to any of our locations, as we believe a team can work better when we can also occasionally spend some personal time together. We currently use a mix of Scrum and Kanban to determine our team backlog and to track the various tasks to both operate our current services and implement new ones. You will determine the priorities and contents of this roadmap, as well as perform actual tasks, or help others to do so. You will help the team and the company improve by continuously learning, from external sources, from each other, from postmortems, etc.

What you’ll do**

  • Leading the way for the team to provide the best infrastructure for the various needs within our organisations;
  • Aligning with stakeholders on their requirements and challenges regarding the infrastructure and its developments;
  • Exploring new technologies that could help our team and organisation forward;
  • Building, operating and maintaining the various infrastructure services and platforms we provide;
  • Finding the right (technical) solution for the right price;
  • Automating everything… well, as much as you can, so we can spend time on the cool things;
  • Be part of an on-call rotation to fix those corner-cases which we didn’t foresee;
  • Coaching, training and inspiring the team, to help everyone grow;
  • Setting and prioritising the team roadmap.

What you bring

  • A hunger for new technology, but are also able to make the translation to apply it in a business environment;
  • Feeling comfortable taking responsibility for the operation of a large environment with numerous different services;
  • Being somewhat of a Linux guru;
  • Consider yourself an autodidact when it comes to Open-Source Software, and don’t scare away from reverse engineering something to figure out how it really works;
  • Experience with some of the tools in our technology stack, or tools that can be used for similar tasks;
  • Ability to gather and present all the required information of a solution (technical, functional and financial) and use this to persuade various layers of the organisation;
  • Working together with people from numerous different backgrounds, located in different countries, who have different ways of working;
  • Getting energy from teaching others new things, and help them grow;
  • Feeling comfortable working in a self-steering environment where you are expected to make your own decisions driving the company’s purpose;
  • Work hard and play hard mentality

What we offer**

Great challenges making our products more suitable for international presence. We believe in working hard and rewarding effort. We also take a creative approach to relaxation, organizing a wide range of surprising and fun activities for our employees to enjoy. We enjoy an informal, no-nonsense culture with plenty of room for creativity and personal growth. This is a fulltime position within a truly international company, offering a good remuneration depending on your knowledge and experience.

Did the above sent shivers down your spine? Don’t hesitate and hit the ‘apply now’ button. For more info, you can call Esther Crena Uiterwijk on +31(0)616285749 or send an email to

About us

Voiceworks is your partner in entrepreneurship. Since our start in 2005, we have grown into an important party in the ICT- and Telecommunication market for SME. With the innovative technology we almost entirely develop in-house, we enable our partners to set the tone in their market.

Voiceworks became part of the European Unified Communications group Enreach in 2018. Together we are on a mission to make “meaningful human contact” possible. Together, because all companies within the group contribute to intelligent and integrated contact solutions for the corporate market. Within Voiceworks, we focus on the Dutch market.

And within Voiceworks? Well, you are the one to set the tone! We will give you all the space you need to do so. For example, we are working following Holacracy: a self-steering organizational model without hierarchy and with a lot of employee responsibility. This model gives you freedom to steer your own career and to contribute by utilizing your biggest strengths.

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