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Help needed: I am working with sql server database. I have a database that I cannot modify anything on it. Inside that database I have a table which have only one row, in that row there is a column 'ProcessStatus' which holds a test number. I have to track this database and detect any changes that occur. So I have created a new sql database which I want to hold into it all changes depending on the values passed into the 'ProcessStatus' column. For example, if 'ProcessStatus' == 0; I want to save the time into my new database. If 'ProcessStatus' == 20; I save another value in the second row of the new database and so forth…

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    FR! Ben oui quoi….


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    First of all this is a french speaking community, so you're at the wrong place.

    Anyway, this is Linux + FR which means Linux operating system and French ; we are not Microsoft Hotline for SQL Server support, neither we provide english support.

    Knowing the syntax of Java does not make someone a software engineer.

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