• # I am quite sorry to have to say this :

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    But you will have to read manuals, lots of them.

    Basically the question you are asking makes little to no sense at all.
    There are many questions you should ask yourself, the first one being "were are my users, and how are they managed ?". Are they virtual users managed by your mail server (Postfix, sendmail or wathever), real users created on a specific computer or on a specific domain (basically can you log on a computer using the mail credentials ? ) or is it a groupware thing, with a big LDAP/Kerberos Behemoth behind and an IMAP connector in front ?

    Creating the user is quite dependant of this.

    The you say you do not want to create the mail box, is it because the IMAP connection is just meant as an access to shared folders ? (and so the user won't recieve mail), is it because you plan on creating the mailboxes later, or you plan on having everyone accessing a same common mailbox (like all member of a staff accessing the staff mailbox), or is it because the mailboxes already exists and you just want to make the IMAP server aware of them.

    There are also questions about the authentication method (SASL, Kerberos, IPSec etc. ) wether you already choose a PHP framework to work with or want to code everything yourself (the later will take months) and some niceties on wether or no you plan LDAP or X500 integration (which can be with or without SSO).

    Basically, you need to sit down and think about what you are trying to achieve precisely, then you will be able to search the net for answers.
  • # et en plus Bilingue le gars !!!!

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    voici son même post (mais in french) :

    Si tu crois qu'en anglais, tu auras + de de réponses ...
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      En tout cas ça marche, déjà trois (quatre avec la mienne) réponses pour ce post en anglais, et toujours aucune sur celui en français...

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