Rétrospective 2002 pour les langages Lua - Python - Perl - Ruby - Tcl

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Je viens de recevoir sur python-announce un message fort intéressant récapitulant l'année 2002 pour ces cinq langages, par leurs développeurs ou communautés respectifs.

Voici l'introduction de la rétrospective par langage. Résumé pour gens pressés :

2002 was a very busy year for Lua. A major new version (5.0) was
discussed, planned, implemented, and released in alpha and beta
versions. We also saw a marked increase of the size and participation
of the Lua community.

While 2002 was a year during which the Perl 6 design development process
grown up, Perl 5 was not left behind. A new major version, Perl 5.8.0, was
released, introducing major features.

The Python community spent a good part of 2002 learning how to use
new-style classes, introduced with Python 2.2, and polishing their
implementation with a couple of maintenance releases. We also
released an alpha version of Python 2.3 on the last day of the year.

Ruby continued to delight its practitioners and, perhaps, tempt
those who work in other languages, throughout 2002. Increased traffic
on the ruby-talk mailing list suggests that more and more people from
around the world are discovering Ruby and the joys it brings to
programming, and visions of Ruby's future have enthused Rubyists

2002 was a significant year for the Tcl community - culminating in the
release of Tcl/Tk 8.4 after a long gestation period.

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