Journal un coup de gueule sur BUGTRAQ (pas pour les anglophobes)

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here is Microsoft now "protecting their customers" as they love
to bray? Should not someone in authority of this public company
step forward and explain themselves at this time?

All of sudden panic is being created across the WWW with "IIS
Exploit Infecting Web Site Visitors With Malware", "Mysterious
Attack Hits Web Servers", "Researchers warn of infectious Web
sites" all stemming from all news accounts from an
unpatched "problem" with Internet Explorer now two weeks old and
counting, which in fact in reality stems from 10 months ago,
that being the safe for scripting control with
write capabilities.

What exactly is being done about this? Nothing. What does
multiple billions of dollars buy you today. Nothing. However for
$20 million you can almost fly to the moon.

PS: jamais vu autant de rouge :-)

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