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Les trois tomes des lectures de Feynman-Leighton-Sands sont un peu considéré comme une bible en physique.

Il y a beaucoup à dire sur Richard Feynman, en vrac : prix Nobel, projet Manhattan, diagrammes, vulgarisation… L'article de wikipédia est très exhaustif sur le sujet :

il trouva la combinaison d'une serrure en essayant les numéros qu'un physicien utiliserait (il s'agissait de 27-18-28, les premiers chiffres de e = 2,71828…), et il trouva que trois bureaux qui contenaient des notes sur les recherches sur la bombe avaient la même combinaison

Le bouquin a été publié sous copyright :
Mais quand on sait le prix des bouquins (150 / 200 €), c'est déjà je trouve une belle initiative.

Voici le sommaire du premier volume qui vient d'être publié sur son site. On y trouvera principalement de la mécanique classique et quantique et un peu électromagnétisme :

  1. Atoms in Motion
  2. Basic Physics
  3. The Relation of Physics to Other Sciences
  4. Conservation of Energy
  5. Time and Distance
  6. Probability
  7. The Theory of Gravitation
  8. Motion
  9. Newton’s Laws of Dynamics
  10. Conservation of Momentum
  11. Vectors
  12. Characteristics of Force
  13. Work and Potential Energy (A)
  14. Work and Potential Energy (conclusion)
  15. The Special Theory of Relativity
  16. Relativistic Energy and Momentum
  17. Space-Time
  18. Rotation in Two Dimensions
  19. Center of Mass; Moment of Inertia
  20. Rotation in space
  21. The Harmonic Oscillator
  22. Algebra
  23. Resonance
  24. Transients
  25. Linear Systems and Review
  26. Optics: The Principle of Least Time
  27. Geometrical Optics
  28. Electromagnetic Radiation
  29. Interference
  30. Diffraction
  31. The Origin of the Refractive Index
  32. Radiation Damping. Light Scattering
  33. Polarization
  34. Relativistic Effects in Radiation
  35. Color Vision
  36. Mechanisms of Seeing
  37. Quantum Behavior
  38. The Relation of Wave and Particle Viewpoints
  39. The Kinetic Theory of Gases
  40. The Principles of Statistical Mechanics
  41. The Brownian Movement
  42. Applications of Kinetic Theory
  43. Diffusion
  44. The Laws of Thermodynamics
  45. Illustrations of Thermodynamics
  46. Ratchet and pawl
  47. Sound. The wave equation
  48. Beats
  49. Modes
  50. Harmonics
  51. Waves
  52. Symmetry in Physical Laws

Le message adressé aux participants du forums de lecture :

Dear Feynman Lectures Forum Members,
Have you ever wished there was a high-quality up-to-date version of The Feynman Lectures on Physics available online? One that could be read with a browser so you could study FLP on your smartphone, tablet, notebook or desktop computer, whenever you felt like it? For free? Well, now there is, and you are among the first to hear about it!
A few words about the free HTML edition of FLP (New Millennium Edition)
It was an idea conceived many years ago, when through FL website correspondence I became aware of the many eager young minds who could benefit from reading FLP, who want to read it, but for economic or other reasons have no access to it, while at the same time I was becoming aware of the growing popularity of horrid scanned copies of old editions of FLP circulating on file-sharing and torrent websites. A free high-quality online edition was my proposed solution to both problems. All concerned agreed on the potential pedagogical benefits, but also had to be convinced that book sales would not be harmed. The conversion from LaTeX to HTML was expensive: we raised considerable funds, but ran out before finishing Volumes II and III, so we are only posting Volume I initially. (I am working on finishing Volumes II and III myself, as time permits, and will start posting chapters in the not-too-distant future, if all goes as planned.)
When you read our HTML edition you will notice a floating menu in the top right corner with Twitter, Facebook, and email buttons (to tell your friends about it!), navigation buttons ('last chapter,' 'table of contents', and 'next chapter'), a "contact us" button (that sends email to me), and a "Buy" button that links to a page of advertising for our books and ebooks, with links to retailers' web pages. To support our effort in producing and maintaining the HTML edition, and to help us keep it free, I would appreciate it very much if you would take some time to explore the retailer's pages through the links on our "Buy" page.
Enough said!
You can access the free HTML edition of FLP either by going to the home page of and clicking on "Read," or you can go directly to it at either of two servers: or
(So what's the difference between the servers? I maintain the site at, so changes are reflected there immediately. On the other hand, is generally faster and more responsive. The entire edition is mirrored from to every day, so the latter is current within 24 hours.)
- hope you enjoy the new edition! If you like it, please tell your friends.
Best regards,
Mike Gottlieb Editor, The Feynman Lectures on Physics, New Millennium Edition
P.S. If you've received this email more than once, I apologize. We're having some problems with our mail servers this morning!

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