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Bonjour à toutes et à tous,

Après toutes ces années de lecture, c'est non sans une certaine émotion, que je poste mon premier message.

Depuis un peu plus d’un an et demi je travaille en tant que RSSI/Lead DevOps chez Limina, une startup spécialisée dans les FinTech située à Stockholm, en Suède. Mon équipe s’agrandit et je suis à la recherche d’un DevOps pour se joindre à nous. Le poste est à pouvoir sur place, l’entreprise est internationale (6 nationalités) et la langue de travail est l’anglais.

DevOps Engineer

Preferred knowledge and skills:

• GNU/Linux
• System scripting (Bash/Python)
• Kubernetes
• Infrastructure as code and deployment processes (Ansible, Docker, Terraform)
• Production/Industrial experiences
• Monitoring/logging systems (ELK, Grafana, Zabbix)

About the position

We believe complex solutions (in our case software) must be adaptable to users to offer a truly great experience. To achieve this, we continuously re-evaluate and question best practices, both in our own industry and within specific fields - for example DevOps.

To enhance our team's collective productivity and capabilities, we're searching for the perfectly matching DevOps Engineer. Our top priority is a great client experience, which includes everything from how complex missions are accomplished within the system to uptime and upgrade-management. In your role, you'll primarily - but not exclusively - focus on the latter. The role will include maintaining, monitoring and developing our infrastructure solutions used to host our SaaS product Captron.

Our clients are investment managers, using our system for all of their core processes including compliance, order management, portfolio management and risk. What we offer them is a highly flexible and collaborative Investment Management Solution with automation and intuitive user interface, delivered by a great team working closely with to our clients.

Most other solutions are updated very infrequently (yearly or even less often), while we deploy bi-weekly releases. Given the sensitive nature of the system, the QA required before every release is extensive and we're aiming to automate as much as possible of this process as well as the actual release process (through a series of environments). For the same reason, uptime-requirements are extremely high.

Our current stack is based on Open source software only. We are running Docker containers on Linux virtual machines orchestrated by Swarm and soon Kubernetes. We use Ansible to deploy our physical and virtual servers. Our system is monitored by Zabbix and we use the ELK stack to collect the logs. Knowledge outside these technologies is considered very valuable as well since we always strive to be on the cutting edge.

As part of the team, you'll have a very high level of autonomy and work closely with the product and client service teams


Je cherche quelqu’un avec une bonne connaissance de GNU/Linux et le sens de l’humour.

Rémunération brute mensuelle : entre 32.000 et 36.000 SEK (Environ 38 à 43k€ par an, négociable)

Avantages :

  • Retraite complémentaire
  • Ordinateur/Téléphone
  • Remboursement du sport
  • Stock-options
  • 7 semaines de congés payés
  • Télétravail possible occasionnellement

Contact :

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