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J ai réussi à faire avec unebootin une cle live ubuntu daily live x64 qui boote correctement.J ai bien prevu dans unebootin un espace pour preserver les fichiesr apres redemarrage,et pourtant malgres plusieurs essais, à chaque redémarrage toutes les preferences ont disparues..Quelqu un a t il une idée??Merci

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    Voici ce que j'ai pu trouver dans la doc officielle :

    Booting the Live CD in Persistent Mode
    Now we get to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Make sure your USB Stick is plugged into your computer and take the Live CD that you downloaded and burned earlier and put it in your CD drive (if it is not already there). Reboot your computer and boot up using this Live CD.

    Before you reboot there are only two things that you need to remember. When the Live CD menu gets displayed hit the key to enter “Other Options”. This will display the arguments that the Live CD passes to the kernel. At the end of this argument list just add a space and add the word “persistent”. This will instruct the Live CD to maintain and use persistence. That is all. Go for it!

    Note: It appears that with Flight 5, you need to create a new user in the Live CD session (go System -> Administration -> Users + Groups, then press the "Add User" button) for it to save your settings; it does not appear to save most changes to the default user, "ubuntu". When you create the new user, be sure to check the box in the "user privileges" tab that says "executing system administration tasks" or you'll be pretty limited in what you can do Smile :)

    When you get back, or better yet, when you boot into your live environment come back to this page and see how you perform a few basic tests to make sure everything is working correctly.

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