GIMPCon 2003

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Le GIMPCon 2003 est un opportunité pour les développeurs et les utilisateurs du GIMP de se retrouver, de prioritiser les plans pour l'avenir, et de faire un peu la fête.

Il aura lieu le 7,8,9 et 10 août cet te année à Berlin, avec la coopération des gens du CCC. Il y a aussi des rumeurs que la prochaine version du GIMP sera mis en publique lors de ce conférence... Le dernier annonce posté sur les mailing listes est attaché. To:,
From: Sven Neumann
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 16:19:22 +0200
Subject: [Gimp-developer] GIMP at the Chaos Communication Camp

Hi friends of Wilber,

most of you should have already hurt about it but yet another
announcement of the camp can't possibly hurt and I will try to focus
more on the users point of view this time...

The GIMP users and developers will be represented at the Chaos
Communication Congress 2003. This is an international gathering of
hackers which is going to take place 7/8/9/10th August 2003 on a field
near Berlin, Germany. There will be a place to put your tent, there
will be power and internet (155 MBit, wired and wireless) for the
three thousand expected visitors. During the four days, lots of
workshops and talks are going to happen but located next to a nice
lake, the camp is also a place to relax and communicate. For more
details, please visit

During the camp, the GIMP developers will meet to discuss the future
of The GIMP, to hack on it, to exchange ideas and visions. There will
be a dedicated GIMP Tent where the conference will take place. This is
however not meant to be a closed event where only approved developers
are welcome. The GIMP Tent will provide space for everyone GIMP
addicted. We want to bring together users and developers, talk about
GIMP, hack on it, use The GIMP, watch others using it ... The GimpTent
page in the Wiki lists quite a few things that might happen. What
exactly happens depends on the people that come to the camp and show
up in our tent:

As you can see we have some plans already but a lot is still open and
we are also still not sure how many users we can expect and what they
do expect from the GIMP Tent. One of the reasons I'm writing this mail
is to encourage you to come to the camp and to announce this by
sending me a mail or adding your name to the list of GimpPeople that
is maintained in the CampWiki:

We are still missing a few things to make the GIMP Tent a success.
Most notably that is computer hardware. It would be shame to have GIMP
users and GIMP developers but not to have enough hardware to run The
GIMP on. Most people that come by car probably consider to bring a
computer. We want to invite you to setup your hardware in the GIMP

Judging from the experiences made in 1999 when the first chaos
communication camp took place in the same location, it is preferable
to have a place in a large tent with tables and chairs instead of
trying to put up a desktop PC in your own tent on the prairie. The
camp organisators will provide a very large tent for this purpose, see But since you are
a GIMP user, you probably want to spend a lot of time in the GIMP tent
anyway. So, if you want to bring your desktop PC, feel invited, but
please let us know beforehand.

Whoever follows the gimp-developer list has probably heard rumours
that we might manage to Bring out the GIMP at the camp. So you better
come or you might miss a nice release party...

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