Journal MySQL 3.23.55 out

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C'est une version corrigeant les bugs
voici le changelog :

From the ChangeLog:

* Fixed double `free''d pointer bug in `mysql_change_user()'
handling, that enabled a specially hacked version of MySQL client
to crash `mysqld'. *Note*, that one needs to login to the server
by using a valid user account to be able to exploit this bug.

* Fixed bug with the `--slow-log' when logging an administrator
command (like `FLUSH TABLES').

* Fixed bug in `GROUP BY' when used on BLOB column with `NULL'

* Fixed a bug in handling `NULL's in `CASE ... WHEN ...'.

* Bugfix for `--chroot' (*note `--chroot': News-3.23.54.) is
reverted. Unfortunately, there is no way to make it to work,
without introducing backward-incompatible changes in `my.cnf'.
Those who need `--chroot' functionality, should upgrade to MySQL
4.0. (The fix in the 4.0 branch did not break backward-compatibility).

* Make `--lower-case-table-names' default on MacOSX as the file
system is case insensitive.

* Fixed a bug in `scripts/' in `NOHUP_NICENESS'

* Transactions in `AUTOCOMMIT=0' mode didn't rotate binary log.

* Fixed a bug in `scripts/make_binary_distribution' that resulted in
a remaining `@HOSTNAME@' variable instead of replacing it with the
correct path to the `hostname' binary.

* Fixed a very unlikely bug that could cause `SHOW PROCESSLIST' to
core dump in pthread_mutex_unlock() if a new thread was connecting.

* Forbid `SLAVE STOP' if the thread executing the query has locked
tables. This removes a possible deadlock situation.
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    de toute façon j'utilise une base de données objet, alors ces concepts primitifs... :))))
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    Au fait, ça vous dérange si je commence à poster tous les changelogs de debian-devel-changes dans les journaux ? Ça doit bien intéresser du monde...
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      Disons que linuxfr a fait une news de seconde page sur une version bêta (4.1), je ne vois pas pq on ne pourrait pas parler d'une version stable de mysql (3.23.55)

      A part ca, je m'excuse d'avoir floodé le journal mais il n'est pas possible de séparer l'article comme ds les news
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      Les lis pas, ça ira plus vite pour tout le monde.

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