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    ...les traîtres qui utilisent du Flash !!
    Bon plus sérieusement, je doute qu'il ait un quelconque pouvoir sur Sun pour imposer tel ou tel technologie sur leur propre site web...
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      D'ailleurs ça ne m'étonnerait pas qu'il pousse une gueulante en découvrant ça.
      Il l'avait déjà fait il me semble pour un problème similaire.
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    Bref il faut être sous Windows ou mac, pas de mention de Linux ou encore bsd. Pas même du solaris.
    Pas de mention d'un navigateur alternatif, c'est IE sous windows ou safari sous Mac. Pas de Firefox ou même opera pour ne citer que ceusse qui sont portés sous Windows.

    Ah et bien sûr il faut flash, il faut accepter les cookies et le javascript.

    C'est beau l'ouverture chez sun :)
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      A mon avis il n'est pas dans les moeurs chez sun ou ailleur que les logiciels GPL soient viable dans le milieu du Desktop. Pour eux, il est clair que quand tu navigues sur le Net que tu lis de tels sites tu es soit sur Mac soit sous Windows, c'est triste mais c'est ainsi.

      Il est vrai que désormais plus personne n'ose remettre en cause la viabilité du libre dans le monde du serveur, j'avais lu dernièrement un article sur slashdot confirment cette sensation ( http://linux.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=06/11/10/2336218 ), l'accord Novell/Microsoft et l'hypothétique RH/Microsoft semblent également aller en ce sens mais bon c'est que pour le monde des serveurs. ;)

      Pour Firefox, oué là ils sont vraiment à la ramasse.
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      C'est franchement hallucinant que leur propre site web n'est pas lisible sous Solaris !

      "La première sécurité est la liberté"

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        D'un autre cote, qui va utiliser solaris pour browser ce genre de site?

        Faut se servir de son cerveau des fois aussi...
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          Peut-être ceux qui utilisent des stations de travail SUN ?
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            Feraient mieux de travailler, avec leur station de travail.

            Tu crois pas que sun y a reflechit longuement avant de decider sciemment d'exclure leur propre produit solaris de leur propre site web?

            Nan, ca doit encore etre un coup du complot marketingo-decideur presse incompetent ca...
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    Est-ce qu'il y a déjà la retranscription des interviews ?
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      En voici une ...

      Brian Behlendorf, Founder, CTO, Collabnet
      To compete in this new world, you really have to be talking about truely open technologies, right? And Open Source is, I think, the most genuine way to actually accomplish that. I think we've seen, from the OpenOffice project, from the Java.net project, from NetBeans - these are all Open Source communities that Sun has been a part of - and CollabNet is actually been working with Sun on - we've seen this gradual shift towards how do we make these broadbased development initiatives so we really do build a community-based platform. There are many existing Java projects under the GPL licence, many of them are parts of what the Java virtual machine is. And now Sun will be able to collaborate with these other communities, they will be able to share patches and build upon each other's work. And that's incredibly good news. For the consumer, it might exhibit itself in the form of faster acceleration, more interesting website, more interesting devices and Java everywhere.
      Ogg: http://www.epot.org/sounds/BrianBehlendorf_CollabNet_on_SunO(...)

      Paul Cormier, Executive Vice President of Engineering, Red Hat Corp.
      Sun moving Java SE to the Open Source Community is a big day in the industry, right now, in the Open Source industry. Linux has moved very, very rapidly, from a server perspective. But from a desktop perspective, there hasn't been a complete solution. This is really the missing piece of the puzzle to move the desktop much more rapidly and really give partners and customers and developers the beginning of a great alternative to the .Net framework. I see the Open Source Java announcement as a great opportunity for RedHat and Sun to work together on common Open Source solutions that can benefit both our businesses, our common customers and our common developers as well. So I think this is a great opportunity to start to bring that together.
      Ogg: http://www.epot.org/sounds/PaulCormier_RedHat_on_SunOpeningJ(...)

      Eben Moglen, Founder, Software Freedom Law Center
      As Java became one of the most important languages for the expression of ideas about technology of programming in the last decade, the question of Java's freedom - wether it could be used freely and made part of free software projects - has been a crucial question. Sun's policy of GPLing Java, which we are celebrating now, is an extraordinary achievement in returning programming technology to that state of freely available knowledge. Sun has now GPL hardware designs, Sun is GPLing Java. That's an extraordinary vote of confidence in this way of sharing information. And we, in the Free Software world, are very pleased and very flattered to see Sun taking its own very valuable and very important products and agreeing with us that there will be more advantages to Sun as well as to the rest of the community if they are shared under these rules.
      Ogg: http://www.epot.org/sounds/EbenMoglen_SFLC_on_SunOpeningJava(...)

      Tim O'Reilly, Founder, CEO, O'Reilly Media
      The choice of GPL, I think, is going to really rock some people back. It's a bold move and it's one that's going to have far-reaching consequences. For stars(?) it will mean that Java will get incorporated into Linux distributions likes Ubuntu which are, you know, very much focused around the GPL and the like. That will harness, I think, you know, a large group beyond a core Java community. It also means that there are, as I said, these communities, the feel very strongly about capability(?) free and open licences are going to take a look at Java.
      Ogg: http://www.epot.org/sounds/TimOReilly_OReilly_on_SunOpeningJ(...)

      Mark Shuttleworth, Founder: Ubuntu Project
      Java has, for nearly a decade now, been fundamentaly part of the internet ecosystem. There is a lot of creativity, there is a lot of innovation that comes out of the Free Software community. Now we're going to see this innovation flowing into Java. So this is a real milestone for the Free Software community and for Sun. Sun is a company that has build up this enormous body of intellectual property, it has put industrial strength engineering into Java. And now Sun is unleaching this intellectual property in a whole new way. I think when you combine the industrial expertise of Sun with the enormous, almost infinite creativity and adaptibility of the Free Software community, we're going to see something really powerfull emerge as a result. I think this is an enormously positive and exciting step for Sun.
      Ogg: http://www.epot.org/sounds/MarkShuttleworth_Ubuntu_on_SunOpe(...)

      Richard Stallman, Founder, GNU Project
      The GNU General Public Licence is the most popular and most widely used Free Software licence. The special thing about this licence is that it's a copyleft licence, that is to say: all versions of the program must carry the same licence. So the freedoms that the GNU GPL gives to the users must reach all the users of the program. And that's the purpose for which I wrote it. It'll be very good that the "Java trap" won't exist anymore; it'll be a thing of the past. That kind of problem can still exist in other areas but it won't exist for Java anymore. I think Sun has, with this contribution, has contributed more than any other company to the Free Software community, in the form of software. And it shows leadership, it's an example I hope others will follow.
      Ogg: http://www.epot.org/sounds/RichardStallman_GNU_on_SunOpening(...)

      Dr. Marcelo K. Zuffo, Professor, Laboratory of Integrated Systems, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
      From our perspective, it's an incredible and wonderful opportunity for developing countries. Particularly in Brazil and Latin America, we have a pretty active Java community that has been establishing in the past ten years. Brazil is the fifth worlwide populated country. So it's an incredibly huge market. Part of the questions is how to give access of this low-income population to the high-end and to the benefits of the technology. So, Open Source, Open Standards and Open Data Representation are strategies to disseminate broadly these technologies, avoiding monopolies and closed markets.
      Ogg: http://www.epot.org/sounds/DrMarceloZuffo_USaoPaulo_on_SunOp(...)

      Autres fichiers disponibles :
      - la transcription en entier dans un seul fichier : http://www.epot.org/sounds/061114-transcript-community-java-(...)
      - sommes de contrôle pour les fichiers audio (SHA1) : http://www.epot.org/sounds/sha1sum.txt
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    Ce n'est pas parce qu'il est pas libre que Stallman pue, c'est parce qu'il n'a pas le temps de se doucher
  • # Richard pas encore dans le TIME©?

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    Pardonnez moi du H.S. mais y a un truc qui me chiffone.
    J'ai lu récemment que Linus Torvalds fut reconnu par le magazine TIME© pour différentes raisons, pourtant, je trouve que c'est RMS qui aurait dû avoir cet "honneur"*... du moins avant Linus.
    D'autant que les quelques qualités idéologiques qu'ils retiennent de Linus sont plus proches des avis et actions de RMS.

    Enfin voilà, je ne dis pas que c'est mal, et même félicitation mr Torvalds, mais bon je trouve qu'il y a fausse note :)

    chacun est libre de "juger" la pértinence, la valeur d'une reconnaissance du magazine Time, peut-être cela ne parle t-il pas à grand monde.


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