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    De ce que j'en comprends il maintient une plateforme ou chacun eut poster un article de blog; avec une présentation comme le Courrier du Hacker mais autonome.
    Et donc il a des problèmes de spam depuis le début.

    Comme il dit lui même combattre le feu par le feu, malin:

    First, use AI to flag the most blatant spam, employing a general GPT instance to ban accounts that clearly violate basic human decency. This still leaves most mundane spam on the site, however, which I still want on the Discovery feed.

    Next, new users will remain in an “unreviewed” state and won’t show up on the Discovery feed or have their blogs indexable (this doesn’t affect existing users who are “reviewed”). They can then opt into a human review (handled by yours truly). The option for opting in only appears a day after the blog's creation, hopefully deterring spammers who are incentivised to spend as little time as possible on the site. New blogs are then reviewed by me once a week. This wait can be skipped by upgrading (which you should totally do anyway to support the platform).

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