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    Il y a des choses intéressantes à lire sur le fil HN correspondant.

    Ma petites sélections sur les "médailles" à ajouter:

    • "The Artist": posted a screenshot of a terminal instead of copy and pasting the text
    • "The Filmmaker": posted an animated GIF of their terminal session instead of writing out what they did
    • "Unpopular opinion": (devil-emoji) Over 100 thumbs-down-emoji on any comment you've posted in an issue
    • "I will raise with the team": (im-hiding-gif) An issue or PR with over 100 thumbs-up-emoji that has been open for over a year
    • "For legal reasons": (judge-emoji) A PR was opened with a fix to an issue, but because the CYA was not signed, the PR was auto-closed
    • "Business Model Blues": (bars-over-source-code-emoji) A License file has over 50% of its text changed
    • "Back from the dead": (zombie-emoji) You comment on an issue or PR that was opened over a year ago
    • “Wikipedian”: reverted a commit within 10 minutes of it being pushed to main.
    • “Social distancer”: submitted a commit that just adds spacing.
    • “Duct tape”: sent three commits in a row that contain text “fix tests”
    • "Lone Wolf": merge 1000 of your own PRs
    • "Deadbeat": open at least 100 PRs in other people's repositories, without taking any action on comments or reviews
    • "The useless": posted a message like 'x is broken'. No screenshots, no error logs, nothing.
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      J'ai tellement d'"artists" au taf qu'il faudrait inventer un chĂątiment quand qqun t'envoie une copie d'Ă©cran d'un truc qui pourrait ĂȘtre copiĂ©-collĂ©.

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