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Linus Torvalds has released the Linux 2.6.7 stable kernel. It fixes a security bug that allowed users with shell access to a Linux host to bring down the system. Linus announced:

"Ok, it's out there. The most notable change may be the one-liner that should fix the embarrassing FP exception problem. Other than that, we've had a random collection of fixes and updates since rc3 [story]. cifs, ntfs, cpufreq. ide, sparc, s390.

"Full 2.6.6->2.6.7 changelog available at the same places the release is."

About the security issue: Both, 2.4 [forum] and 2.6 [forum] kernels are affected with this issue. It is a problem with the implementation of the clear_cpu() macro in the x86 and x86_64 architectures.

The 2.4 Bitkeeper tree has a patch for the x86 architecture and a 2.4 x86_64 patch is also available.

Read on for the full changelog and for more information on the security hole.

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