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extrait de #thunderbird sur le 09 aout 2005:

(18:49:11) keppim: woah
(18:49:44) keppim: google news added rss feeds
(18:49:51) keppim: :)
(18:50:28) Beelzebub: :o
(18:50:30) Beelzebub: cool!
(18:50:53) Beelzebub: I was waiting for that, wanted a Live Bookmark of Google News >.>
(18:52:12) Dunderklumpen left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
(19:08:34) doublehp: keppim: I cant find them .... URL of where to find the feeds ?
(19:11:13) keppim: add and "&output=rss" to the end of the url
(19:12:06) keppim: just have to add the "output=rss" argument
(19:12:27) ***keppim shrugs
(19:12:41) keppim: i used sage's feed search thing to find them
(19:13:37) keppim: oh
(19:13:52) keppim: there's a link on the left side of the page

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