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    More importantly for the future success of Linux was that the X11 system was ported to it, making 1992 the year of the Linux desktop

    Ha ben ne cherchez plus : c'est déjà passé en fait !

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    Erreur de frappe :

    I accidentally found Usenet, the discussion system, by mistyping rm as rn, the Usenet reader.


    Erreur de cible :

    One day, Linus accidentally attempted to use his hard drive to dial the university, resulting in his master boot sector starting with "ATDT" and the university modem-pool phone number. After recovering from this, he implemented file permissions in his kernel.


    Contrainte externe :

    At one point, Linux would send some broken packets that took down all of the Sun machines on the network. As it was difficult to get the Sun kernel fixed, Linux was banned from the university network until its bug was fixed. Not having Usenet access from one's desk is a great motivator.


    Mauvaise/insatisfaisante expérience :

    This experience is why Linus dislikes CVS and for years refused to use any version control beyond uploading tar balls to FTP sites.

    Contre-exemple :

    While this was happening, I was taking a nap, and I recommend this method of installing Linux: napping, while Linus does the hard work.

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      One day he showed me a program that did multitasking. One task or thread would write a stream of the letter "A" on the screen, the other "B"; the context switches were visually obvious when the stream of As became Bs

      Peut-on dire qu'il utilisait déjà l'A/B testing ?

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