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Sorry for writing in English, but at least people can read me with a translator. In French, my spelling is awful.
Anyway, my question is: which options do I have for a USB dongle that can do 3G? I see there are quite a lot of offers and they can sell you the SIM card and optional the device. I don't care about these companies and their logos, which I usually cover with tape. All I want is some device that can work out of the box on a wide variety of [recent] distributions. The seller is also less important as long as the price is lower.

Secondary, less important question: every seller is ready to impress me with how much «up to» speed and bandwidth can offer. I know I can do their monthly 5Go limit in a night of updating. So for me is more important what does it mean lowered traffic. How much low? Is it usable?

You could answer me in French as I fully understand it. The trouble is with the writing.


  • # un abonnement Free mobile ?

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    Un abonnement à 15,99 Euros (si tu as un accès Internet chez Free) ou 19 Euros (sinon), et tu utilises ton téléphone en tethering.

    Il me semble que la limite de "fair use" est de 3 Go et pas de 5.

    Une liste des clés 3G compatibles Linux

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      One thing you should consider for limiting the impact of the monthly quota is to check if the provider has an offer allowing you to connect to wifi for free in public spaces. Maybe free offers something like this.

  • # free public is gratuit

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    Use you wifi connection with a mobile or a pc to free acces is gratuit, you don't use abonnement of your compagnie services.

    Dans la vie prends ce qu'il y a de meilleur pour toi, te laisse pas influencer, et pense un minimum aux autres en restant sociable et tu te sentira libre....

  • # Thank you, merci

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    palm123: you are right. The limit is for what I have seen 3Go. 5 was a number out of the blue, just to give a value. For me, even 20 would be fast exausted. Thank you for the link. It is most useful. I know the Ubuntu team is doing some development on the side so I hope it would work with any recent kernel like the ones in Fedora, Backtrack or Tails. The rest is up to me to go check it up in a brick and mortar store.

    warwick: right. They all seem to offer this kind of service included. And, from my travels through France, Free is the most visible in terms of access points. Also, I've seen areas where SFR is well served. At my home, in an architectural «cul de sac», there is none.

    cobalt: you are right. Only that winter is about to come and it's already too wet for my computer and too cold for my hands to use the park. I have done it in the past.

    Everyone. If you have any more useful info, please write it down here as I am going to check it from time to time.

  • # Hotspot

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    I finally found out that a HotSpot thingie can be the answer to all issues of compatibility. No more driver issues once the WiFi chips in your computer are working well.

    But that's a solution forbidden by Free, B%You and all cheaper unlimited solutions.

  • # 5Go in a night ?

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    I know I can do their monthly 5Go limit in a night of updating

    what are you doing that require 5Go in a night of update ?

    are you really that mobile that you need a 3G hotspot with more than 5Go data limit ?

    in hotel you can have Wifi access, in airport too…

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      Right now I have that free access at l'Office de Tourism and at Médiathèque, both nice places. Never tried hotel lobbies. Only thing is the Winter is getting near and I might not want to do 40 minutes by foot every day.

      I am lazy.

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