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    C'est dit dès le début : « […] Those tools usually have nicer visualization for things like daily agenda, charts etc. They usually have possibilities to add shortcuts for almost every action, so I believe they can be as much efective as Emacs is. […] » Emacs est un système d'exploitation dans le système d'exploitation…

    Puis on précise plus loin que c'est pour les barbu-e-s qui lui ont donné assez d'amour : « It looks like Emacs is suited for really specific and small group of people (nothing bad about that) but even if you are in that group I can easily imagine it will go into direction where you have to expand your environment in a way that emacs will be no longer a good option. Devoting time to learn something that will become not useful in the long run can be painful and disappointing especially if it’s your whole environment. »

    “It is seldom that liberty of any kind is lost all at once.” ― David Hume

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