MySQL 3.23.55 out

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Plus important que les versions alpha qui sortent, une nouvelle version stable de Mysql vient de sortir. Il s'agit en fait de bugfix (mais évidemment ce n'est que les fonctionnalités qui intéressent le monde). ChangeLog:

* Fixed double `free''d pointer bug in `mysql_change_user()'
handling, that enabled a specially hacked version of MySQL client
to crash `mysqld'. *Note*, that one needs to login to the server
by using a valid user account to be able to exploit this bug.

* Fixed bug with the `--slow-log' when logging an administrator
command (like `FLUSH TABLES').

* Fixed bug in `GROUP BY' when used on BLOB column with `NULL'

* Fixed a bug in handling `NULL's in `CASE ... WHEN ...'.

* Bugfix for `--chroot' (*note `--chroot': News-3.23.54.) is
reverted. Unfortunately, there is no way to make it to work,
without introducing backward-incompatible changes in `my.cnf'.
Those who need `--chroot' functionality, should upgrade to MySQL
4.0. (The fix in the 4.0 branch did not break backward-compatibility).

* Make `--lower-case-table-names' default on MacOSX as the file
system is case insensitive.

* Fixed a bug in `scripts/' in `NOHUP_NICENESS'

* Transactions in `AUTOCOMMIT=0' mode didn't rotate binary log.

* Fixed a bug in `scripts/make_binary_distribution' that resulted in
a remaining `@HOSTNAME@' variable instead of replacing it with the
correct path to the `hostname' binary.

* Fixed a very unlikely bug that could cause `SHOW PROCESSLIST' to
core dump in pthread_mutex_unlock() if a new thread was connecting.

* Forbid `SLAVE STOP' if the thread executing the query has locked
tables. This removes a possible deadlock situation.

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